Captured P-47D Razorback #42-75971 1/48

Com ou sem asas, através da impulsão ou da levitação, desde que desafie a Lei da Gravidade e dê um "ganda melão" ao Newton (com ou sem sucesso!)...

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Captured P-47D Razorback #42-75971 1/48

MensagemEscrita por Marek » 15 Mai 2017, 19:12

After a long pause in modelling finished model [between A-7P and MiG-23UB].
Captured P-47D Razorback #42-75971 T9+LK Zirkus Rosarius. Gottingen Germany.
As a base used an old Otaki/Ari kit.
Adds: Master canon barrel, Yahu instrument panel, Tamiya cockpit, propeller and wheels. Quickbost engine set .
Selfmade decals.
Paint: Mr.Color, Alclad and Microscale varnish.

Republic P-47D-16-RE Thunderbolt 42-75971 was originally assigned to the 310th Fighter Squadron, 332nd Fighter Group (Tuskegee Airmen) of the 12th Air Force, first flown by Lt George P. Novotny, then Lt John Simmonds. She was transferred to the 301st Fighter Squadron, 332nd Fighter Group of the 5th Air Force, but on her transfer flight by 2nd Lt Lloyd Hathcock on May 29th 1944, she ended up flying the wrong direction, landing at Rome-Littorio airfield (present-day Rome Urbe airport)... which was a German-held air base.

Lt Hathcock spent the rest of the war in Stalag Luft III and Stalag VII-A prison camps, and 42-75971 spent the rest of her war flying under Luftwaffe colours. She was test flown by the Luftwaffe at Rechlin, and later transferred to the Zirkus Rosarius. She was found by US troops at Göttingen at the end of the War, where her trail ends (presumably scrapped in situ).

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Re: Captured P-47D Razorback #42-75971 1/48

MensagemEscrita por José Paulo Brito » 14 Jun 2017, 22:12

Congratulations, Marek!

Great results for a least known subject, nevertheless very interesting indeed!
What about a Messerspit, or a Typhoon, or a P-38 as a follow-up? ;-)

Thanks for sharing, cheers,
José Paulo
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